The Xey, a movie story

Eneko Olasagasti says that Los Xey “had an extraordinary musical quality, a theatrical mastery of the scene and a white humor that reached everyone. But above all they enjoyed that ‘something’ that touches the great artists and communicates directly with the public. That was his secret.

Olasagasti knows well what he is talking about. These days, the director from San Sebastian is directing the filming of the documentary ‘Los Xey, a film story’, the project that aims to rescue the memory of the group that achieved success from Gipuzkoa in the 1940s and 1950s. The group was created in 1940 and dissolved in 1961. “They not only triumphed in Donostia, Madrid or Barcelona, ​​they were stars in Buenos Aires, Mexico, Havana or the United States”, recalls Olasagasti, turned into a kind of Basque cultural embassy “supported by the humor that the time allowed” .

Younger generations have heard some of the songs popularized by the Xey, from the repeated ‘Good menu, sir’ to ‘The dairy cow’ or ‘Adela told me so.’ The members of the group have died, but the testimonies of those closest to them remain, who are being interviewed, as well as the ‘Memoirs of one of the Xey’, which Sabin Olascoaga wrote in his last days of life, ‘tenor tiplon’ like him He defined himself, and the unexpected ‘trunk of memories’ found in the Lesaka family home of accordionist Pepito Yanci.

Alfredo ‘Txiki’ Lahuerta, Pepito Yanci, Víctor Gracia, Xabin Olascoaga, Txomin Arrasate, Xipri Larrañaga and Koldo Garbayo formed the group in its different stages. Eneko Olasagasti thanks Loyola Garmendia and the Golden Appel Quartet for the Xey’s first recovery task. With that Gipuzkoan music-stage company, heir in a way to the old Xey, the director began to work and they completed a theatrical production, with the musician Xabi Zabala, who has been performing in different places with music bands. «The pity is that the virus arrived and complicated the tour, but now the assembly is being prepared so that it can be carried out without a band. At the time we recorded the entire process of creating this theatrical montage in homage to the Xey, which will be incorporated into the film ».

The research and script writing have been carried out by Eneko Olasagasti and David Berraondo, and the technical team includes professionals such as Joselu Castro in photography and Haimar Olascoaga in sound montage. Executive production is handled by David Berraondo. It is a production by Sincro with HV Films from Mexico and 80 Mudos from Argentina, which expects to be finished in 2022. «The interviews in the Basque Country are almost finished, with testimonies such as those of Piter Ansorena, Jon Bagüés or Loyola Garmendia himself , and in the coming months we hope to record in places like Buenos Aires, Mexico or Havana ».