Santiago Segura becomes daring to present his new film

On Friday we received a visit from Santiago Segura who has just released a new blockbuster film: “A todo tren: Asturias destination”, a round film suitable for all audiences and that you can now see in cinemas throughout Spain. Listen to the full interview!

Segura wanted to become a daring one for one morning by visiting the studios of this our humble program, to make it clear that culture, and specifically the cinema, are safe spaces where positive contacts are not usually given.

how could it be otherwise, we have tempted Segura with our cup of Dare. To achieve this we have challenged the filmmaker to complete a test with songs with trains: a small quiz that we will see if he is able to overcome.

“You have told me that I am very daring and that is why I have come to Dare, but I am a bit ‘shit’,” he assured Luis Larrodera before starting the competition. “But do we have to get all of them right?” Segura commented, very amused …

Santiago, after completing the test, has been able to win the precious prize. Congratulations, daring! And we are so happy with the idea that he can have coffee every morning remembering his time on the program.

If you also want to get a cup of Dare yourself, write us an email to dare @ cadenadial with your information and phone number, with the subject “All for the cup. You dare?