‘Fast and Furious 9’: How much did they spend on the cars in the movie?

Fast and Furious is not just a car racing saga, even if it was born with that premise. Delivery after delivery has been sophisticating its action scenes and has pushed them beyond their limits. The budget for Fast and Furious 9, the latest installment, exceeds 200 million dollars -possibly close to 300, but it has not been confirmed-, which is not surprising at all, since making a film like that should not be easy at all, but above all, it shouldn’t be cheap at all. Expensive vehicles, luxury equipment, incredible motorcycles … The expenses pile up with a single objective: to surprise the spectator.

The part of the budget devoted solely to cars has not come to light, but there is a scene that serves as an example to imagine that it has been a very important game. In Fast and Furious 9, Toretto’s men use a powerful magnet to defeat their enemies. It is the tool by which a car crosses a building through its shop windows. This particular scene required 8 months of preparation, 4 days of production, and the destruction of 3 cars. The seven sports models that appear for a few seconds totaled 3.8 million dollars. Almost nothing if we consider that the production has spent almost 300 million on the tape.

As AdoroCinema collects, Dennis McCarthy and Alex King were responsible for ensuring the spectacularity of the film in terms of cars. They searched, rented, bought and did everything necessary for motoring fans to enjoy at the movies. They also had to find a way to lower costs a bit and that’s where their ingenuity came into play.

For the scene at Otto’s mansion, where a party full of women and cars is being organized, they called in collectors who generously contributed their treasures: a TVR Sagaris, a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, a Lexus LFA, a Lotus Evora, a Mercedes AMG GTR , a Lamborghini Countach, a McLaren 720S, an Apollo IE and a Ferrari LaFerrari. A very simple way to collect automotive jewelry without spending money.

To the expense of the cars we must add all the engineering behind it, which continues to increase in difficulty delivery after delivery. In Fast and Furious 9 appears, for example, the Armadillo, a metal monster made up of three armored sections and weighing 26 tons. Engineers took four months to build. Another element to consider is the scene in which they travel to space, which involved research that involved NASA and a lot of work from the creative team to build those rocket cars.