Dan Harmon is writing a script for a Community movie

Six years after “Community” came to an end, fans of the series have begun to lose faith that they will be able to see a movie starring their favorite group of students. Despite everything, Dan Harmon, creator of “Community” and “Rick and Morty”, has revealed that this possibility has not yet been completely ruled out. During an episode of the Good Ones podcast, Harmon confessed that he is still thinking about this project and recently began writing a script for the “Community” movie.

“I started writing to prevent my parents from hitting me, and now I only write to feel valid. But the advantage of that is that I am, at least once a week, thinking about it, the gears are turning. I feel like something is happening ”, said the writer. “Logistically, the locks are disappearing. And the only problem is trying to do something creative, which is great, because I love that kind of problem. I love having those conversations, and I’m already having them. ”

In a recent interview, Harmon also mentioned that he was thinking about the Community movie and that, if made, it would clearly be aimed at fans who already know the series. Here’s the biggest philosophical question: Are you supposed to cater to new viewers? The obvious, dogmatic, and practical answer is no. It is fanservice. Who do you think is going to buy popcorn and sit down and watch a Community movie? “